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Behsaz San’at Tava Co. (BEST) Introduction
Behsaz San’at Tava Co. was established in 2000 with the purpose of giving the engineering and commercial services and supplying all the electrical explosion proof equipment explosion proof Air conditioners, ex-proof lighting fixtures, Instrumentation systems, Cables, UPS, Control systems (DCS/ESD/FCS/PLC) & F & G, and other relevant system for the industries of our country especially oil, gas & petrochemical firms.
We are proud to announce that during this time we have been successful to supply the demands of the clients with assistance of the best professional staff and technicians to give our clients the best of the services for consultation in the production process, design, operation, installation, fixation & also maintenance.
In the instrumentation field we are proud to declare the list of the products we could supply as following: Variety of the pressures, surface and currency transmitters ,temperature ,pressure, surface & currency switches, variety of the control valves and On & Off ones with the reputable brands such as ABB, ITT, Rosemount, Wika, Yokogawa, Fisher, Honey well, and some others.
Meanwhile our company is capable to do the design and supply and  installation of the control systems of brands such as  Honeywell, Delta V & Siemens.
As for the F & G products includes Manual call point local panels, Smoke detectors, Heat detectors, and such as with Honeywell, Zeta and other brands.
From the control systems we can name variety of the cards, CPU, power supply with Siemens, GE, Omron brands and others.
Finally regarding the Ex-proof products we can refer to some of the products we are suppling & have for the above mentioned industries
Variety of the lighting fixtures such as Ex-proof Fluorescent lighting fittings, Floodlights, pendant fittings, and Socket & plugs, switches, distribution panels, pipe fittings, Ex-proof ACs and packages and with reputable brands such as Warom, Cortem, CEAG, Technor Italsmea and so on.
It is to mention that at the moment we are the exclusive agent of a very reputable manufacturing company of Ex-proof corrosion proof AC & packages named KNEX which has already achieved all the necessary certificates for their products such as ATEX, DNV, ISO.
For the details of the projects, products & clients please kindly refer to our website for the further information.
We hope our brief leaflet is adequate enough for your general info.
Behsaz Sanʼat Tava Co. (BEST)


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